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WTPF Radio

We The People Florida (WTPF) Radio is set to launch in late summer 2024. Founded by a passionate libertarian and advocate of American constitutional principles, WTPF is dedicated to informing and inspiring American patriots to action for true freedoms and the restoration of The Republic. Embracing the belief that power should reside with the people rather than central governments or non-governmental entities, WTPF promises to be a beacon for individual liberty and local autonomy.

WTPF Radio will serve as a platform for discussions on topics vital to all Florida residents, emphasizing issues that directly impact the lives of its listeners. In addition to covering statewide concerns, WTPF will feature volunteer reporters from distinct regions across Florida, including the Panhandle, North Florida, Central Florida, Tampa Bay Area, Southwest Florida, South Florida, Treasure Coast, and Space Coast. By incorporating diverse perspectives from these regions, WTPF will provide comprehensive coverage and foster community engagement.

From policy debates to grassroots activism, WTPF will spotlight efforts to safeguard freedoms and promote limited and responsible governance. Through informative programming and interactive dialogue, the station seeks to educate, inspire, and mobilize citizens to participate actively in shaping their communities. WTPF stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of individualism and the timeless ideals of self-governance enshrined in the American Constitution.

As the newest voice in Florida’s media landscape, WTPF is poised to become a vital conduit for empowering citizens and championing the principles of liberty and The Republic.