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Studio 17

Podcast spotlights innovators, rebels, problem-solver, truther-seekers, thinkers, writers, entrepreneurs, mavericks, trailblazers, disruptors and more, boasting it has “The Most Fascinating Guests Anywhere”

Soul Decodes

Author Sarah Tirri and Dr. Tia Jolie Phillips discuss deep topics related to relationships, spirituality, and our Souls’ Journeys. You will feel part of the conversation, enjoying wit, humor, candor, laughter and sometimes even tears.

We The People – Florida provides resources for Republic of Florida residents who want to restore and preserve individual rights and personal sovereignty, includes links to Freedom Cells and more.


A self-sufficient eco-community that blends new tech with traditional methods, Avalonia will have its own artisan village, creator academy, organic food systems, dining facilities and commissary, residences, transient quarters, multi-purpose buildings, theater, broadcast facility and more. It will be a scalable prototype that more than a dozen other follow-on communities will use.

Freedom Directory

The worldwide Freedom Directory will be built on a Web 3.0 distributed ledger using hash and torrent technologies. Accessible from any device, it will be free for users and less than $1 per month for small business owners and cottage industry purveyors. It will supercharge the gig economy by providing peer-to-peer transactions without government interference or taxable fingerprints.