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Studio 17

Studio 17 is a podcast that spotlights innovators, rebels, problem-solvers, truther-seekers, thinkers, whistle-blowers, writers, entrepreneurs, mavericks, trailblazers, disruptors, Earth Angels and more, from across the World. Studio 17 boasts it has “The Most Fascinating Guests Anywhere”. Expect to hear things you have never considered from people to whom you should pay close attention. Expect debut late Summer 2024 on these and other platforms.

Soul Decodes

Author Sarah Tirri and Dr. Tia Jolie Phillips delve into profound topics surrounding relationships, spirituality, and the journeys of our souls. In the Soul Decodes conversation, you’ll feel included as they share wit, humor, candor, laughter, and occasionally, tears. Sarah and Tia Jolie are unscripted and agenda-free, making every show unpredictable and enjoyable. They provide practical advice and solutions for everyday challenges, equipping you with tools to make life easier, more enjoyable, and stress-free.

Maiden America

Maiden America, a Florida-based rock band, features a lineup of all-star talent. The group will perform one weekend each month in Florida’s major metropolitan areas. This 10-member ensemble offers stunning vocals, a captivating rhythm section, and a full brass section, bringing beloved classics from iconic bands to life. Their shows span Motown, R&B, Rock, Funk, and Pop. Each event is a dress-up fundraiser that deeply engages local communities, promising unforgettable evenings and weekend matinees. All proceeds benefit 6 to 10 local charities in the communities where they perform.

We The People Florida

We The People Florida provides resources for Republic of Florida residents who want to restore and preserve individual rights and personal sovereignty, includes links to Freedom Cells and more.

WTPF Radio

WTPF Radio focuses on issues that affect Florida’s sovereignty within the Republic and WTPF will have “field reporters” in eight regions including Panhandle, North Florida, Central Florida, Tampa Bay Area, Southwest Florida, South Florida, Treasure Coast, and Space Coast, that provide a more detailed focus on those areas.

Free World Directory

The Free World Directory will leverage Web 3.0 distributed ledger technology, incorporating hash and torrent methods. Accessible from any device, it will be free for users and cost under $1 per month for small business owners and cottage industry purveyors. This platform will invigorate the gig economy by enabling peer-to-peer transactions without government interference or taxable footprints. Best of all, it will be immune to censorship. Beta release is anticipated for Summer 2025.

Real Censored News

Real Censored News operates as a worldwide news channel on the Telegram messenger service. It emerged in response to the stifling censorship on social media in late 2018. Citizen reporters from across the world contribute sourced news that often goes unreported by corporate-paid media sources. Participants are reminded to always maintain kindness and are encouraged to invite others. The platform serves as a space to share unique information and resources that have been or may be censored, to highlight important non-mainstream information, and to discuss controversial topics. Explicit content is prohibited.


Avalonia will be a pioneering eco-community, seamlessly blending modern technology with age-old practices. Within its bounds, you’ll find an artisan village, creator academy, organic food systems, dining facilities, residences, transient quarters, multi-purpose buildings, theater, broadcast facility, and more. The community is segmented into public areas, member-exclusive spaces, and private residences. Functioning as a scalable prototype, Avalonia will inspire the creation of numerous similar communities worldwide. Notably, the project includes hosting facilities for rescuing animals and aiding at-risk people. Developers are actively scouting potential sites in Florida.