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Earth is Heart. Angel is Messenger. Deliver heart messages and you are an Earth Angel.

The Earth Angel Project is about creating a heaven in this Earth Place by being a connector of We The Peoples from across the Earth who cultivate and share peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, tolerance, goodness and gentleness. Our project is subject to phases of deployment which are directly related to this world’s ability to give and receive such beauty. We are on a really, really cool journey and you are invited.

As Earth time passes, you will see different projects popping onto our Projects page. Some of these will be initiated by the Earth Angel Core Element, but most of them will come from other Angels from across the Earth–and maybe beyond. If you are a creator, innovator, freedom rebel, problem-solver, truth-revealer, tangential thinker, gifted writer, musician, entrepreneur, maverick, disruptor, trailblazer, artist, philanthropist, castaway or outcast, we are open to collaboration concepts.

Earth Angel Project has two basic categories of projects–those which emanate from within our Core Element (Core projects) and those that are shared with us from We The Peoples from everyplace else (Affiliate projects). Common to all projects, however, are these CORE concepts:

  • C – Collaborate: Work with individuals worldwide to merge creative ideas and to create resonant energies.
  • O – Outreach: Engage diverse communities of world-changers to explore synergies to benefit the world.
  • R – Radiate: Share positivity, love, and compassion to inspire others to help us create a better world.
  • E – Evolve: Continuous growth and adaptation to discover new ways to manifest a heaven on Earth.

As we move forward with intention, intellect and intuition, I hope you will be a part of our journey. You can discover all of the ways you can fly with us on the We are Here menu tab.